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What is IQF?
IQF means Individual Quick Freezing, is a freezing process that allows the formation of small crystals of ice inside the cell of the product, in order to avoid cellular damage of the product. Therefore when the product unfreezes, there’s no spill out of the cellular fluids, warranting the nutrition value, texture and flavor of the product. It conserves like a recently reaped product.

The freezing crystal size is the substantial difference between slow freezing and IQF process. The slow freezing process allows the internal fluids to spill out, due to the big size of the ice crystal, loosing texture, nutrition value, and its flavor.

IQF prevents the use of chemicals or preservants. Moreover due the nature of the freezing process, precense of microorganisms considerably decreaces.

IQF Freezing benefits

  • It’s easy and fast to cook, due the precooked steam process.
  • Availability all year, due the freezing products allow it.
  • It keeps the daily nutrition values, minerals, and vitamins in the vegetables.
  • There’s no waste, 100% of utility, important for the standard industries.
  • Don’t need unfreezing all products, only the quantity desired.
  • The prices are constants, no matter the market fresh product trends.


Frozen Products Handling

  1. During the distribution keep storage at -18°C
  2. Temperature’s variations might damaging the product, if the product is unfreezing, don’t get freeze again. Use immediately.
  3. Make sure yourself the right condition of packing.
  4. Turnover the inventories (FIFO)
  5. Handle with care.
  6. Make sure the boxes are in right condition
  7. Don’t place more than 7 boxes behind it
  8. The product mustn’t be unfreezing to cook, put it straightly and cook it
  9. If the product is freezing it’s ready to use before 24 hours